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Mayfield Veterinary Hospital Coivid Safety plan:

  • For your appointment, Clients who are doubled vaccinated and who have no Covid symptoms are welcome to enter reception and consulting rooms.

  • Masks inside are mandatory.

  • To comply with Government Health Orders of 1 per 4 sqmtr rule: We would appreciate if only one person accompanies their Pet/s in for their appointment. Reception waiting room will be limited to 5 people waiting (not including staff). Please wait on the chairs outside if this capacity is reached. Clients who are not Double vaccinated, please PHONE us on arrival to our car park, then reception will organise a contactless consult.

We endeavour to keep you, our staff and our community safe. We appreciate your patience. Thanks :)

Mayfield Veterinary Hospital (including Stockton and Georgetown) are OPEN for all your pet's Veterinary Health and Dietary Requirements!

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We want to assure you, that we are taking every possible precaution to help stop the spread of the virus in order to keep you, your pet and our staff safe. We have modified our day processes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our team has become 2 teams, working each day to minimise cross contamination.


When you arrive at the clinic

Feel free to wait in your car, phone us to check-in and we will let you know when to enter the clinic for your appointment or admit your pet for their procedure. When possible, please try to have maximum of one person per visit.


We offer

Pet pick-up and drop-off service for specific circumstances. Please phone us on 49671900 to organise.


Our main focus

Is to deliver a high standard of care during these extraordinary times, to provide a safe space for our team to work in, as well as for you to visit, with your pet's health being our main priority.


Free Delivery

We are able to offer (free to surrounding suburbs) delivery of Food/Flea and Tick prevention/Medication and other products. Please call us for more information and included areas on 49671900.


Anything you need:

Please call us before dropping in - it will save you time and keep our mission, of less contact, in place.


Ongoing changes

Government Directives are changing each day/week, and we will keep you posted as we adapt and adhere.


Remember, we are all in this together

So, to reduce the likelihood of an outbreak of COVID-19 at our practice, we are kindly asking clients who are feeling unwell, self-isolating, have had contact with a person that may have Covid-19 or have travelled to refrain from coming in to the practice.


Please ask a friend or neighbour to bring your pet in, instead. If that isn’t possible, please call us to discuss your particular situation and we will try to make alternative arrangements.

Can pets at home spread the new virus.PN

Can pets at home spread the new coronavirus? No. Whilst dogs and cats can be infected by specific types of coronaviruses, rest assured that these are NOT associated with the current COVID-19 outbreak affecting humans. Thus far, there is no robust evidence that the virus can be transmitted from humans to their pets, or vice-versa. There has been one reported case of a dog testing ‘weakly positive’ in Hong Kong, but the investigations are still inconclusive and the dog has shown no signs of the disease or has affected any other person or animal. Either way good hygiene is more important than ever, so wash your hands after close contact with your pets, every time.

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In response to this outbreak, the WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) Scientific and One Health Committees, in collaboration with One Health, have prepared a list of frequently asked questions such as:


  1. Should I avoid contact with pets or other animals if I am sick with COVID-19?

  2. What should I do if my pet develops an unexplained illness and was around a person with documented COVID-19 infection?

  3. If my pet has been in contact with someone who is sick from COVID-19, can it spread the disease to other people?

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• World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) (see here)

• World Health Organization (WHO) (see here)

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (see here)


We're here to help! If you have any concerns regarding Rover's health, please do not hesitate to get in touch either by phone or email. 

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